How To Build A Time Machine and Why You Need To Do It Now

The soul sucker.
He looks innocent.
He plays nice.
He fakes compassion.
He has cold blue eyes.
He steals good will.
He sucks your strength.
He overpowers your reason.
You help him.
You root for him.
People think he’s a good guy.
You think he’s a good guy

What goes around, doesn't come back.
Ask yourself who you really are?
You are simply too kind.
Weakness is not its own reward.
Going to emotional extremes.
It makes you feel alive.
So electrified.

Karma makes a nice greeting card rap.
100lb. card stock full of words.
Bland mental melodies.
Given on a special occasion.
It makes us feel thoughtful.
Soul Suckers don't do sentiment.
Can’t be bothered with cards.
Like the people he'd give them to,
He finds them pointless.
He’s busy fending off the pain.
Of what I don't know.
It's a full-time job though:
Fender Offer.

Society is riddled with bullshit.
The self-involved must feel barren.
They prime themselves with

Mirror Selfies,

They photograph their life.
They treat it like art.
It's not.
Why not just try to live it?


Don't plan.
Don’t have feelings.
They will depreciate.
You should appreciate that
You are a ticking time bomb.
You are a commodity.
Your conscious mind.
Your physical body.
Orchestrating your own destruction.
That's what I did.

Your humanity didn't destroy you.
You did.
He did.
A wolf in skin deep clothing.
You scratched below the pretty.
You couldn't look though.
You knew.
That was a poor choice.
You didn't see it coming.
You still don't.
Time to buy a face shield.

Go back!
Time to build a time machine.
Time to find a really large Hadron Collider.