Why 'The Clintrumpians' May Be The Best Reality Show On TV

I have to say I’m really enjoying this new reality show that's on every channel constantly. Can't get tired of that right?!? The two leads vying for the immunity idol are downright hilarious.

I especially enjoy the orange guy with the too small mouth. That bigoted pussy grabber is a real hoot. He really makes the show more interesting. I love all his catch phrases like - locker room banter, loser, build a wall, and tremendous. I also really enjoy the blind faith of his tribe members as well. It’s tremendous! No matter what he says those damn country trumpkins support him. The poorly done scalp reduction is a genius touch on behalf of the hair makeup department and the choice to make him orange is inspired. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s a good tie in. I’m sure his worshippers will be praying and fasting on November 7th before the big ceremony. Their own personal All Hallow’s Eve as it were.

The other character “Crooked Hillary” is quite entertaining too. She’s like a weird animated doll that you pull the string on her back and she regurgitates pre-recorded sayings such as “I delete emails,” “I’ve received funds from the Iranian government,” “I cut security in Libya and Islamic militants were able to kill 4 Americans” and “I’m an accomplished liar.” I love how people justify her success in the polls by stating that “She’s better than the narcissistic orange dude!” Not much of a ringing endorsement . It’s like arguing that Queen Mary was better than Caligula.

Wardrobe’s choice to put her in librarian costumes – again nice Halloween tie-in - is really working. Those colorful pant suits scream “manly power” mixed with “I’ll go full Benghazi on you if you cross me.”

Anyway can’t wait to see who gets the final rose.