Even when: The Things Only Women Understand

Even when I was young, my soul was battered.

Even then, I knew I had seen too much.

Even when I was beautiful, I felt unusually average.

Even then I knew I should be more.

Even when I was thin, I thought my legs were fat.

Even then I didn’t try hard enough.

Even when I was pretty, I felt I needed makeup.

Even then I bought into the hype.

Even when I was confined, I felt unfettered.

Even then I knew the prison was in my mind.

Even when I was scared, I felt powerful.

Even then I knew I would prevail.

Even when I thought there was no glass ceiling, I hit my head on it.

Even then I knew if I tried to break it, I would get cut.

Even when I was optimistic, I knew there was tyranny.

Even then, I had to have my own back.

Even when I thought I could have it all, I knew there would obstacles.

Even then I planned an alternate route.

Even when I was alone, I felt surrounded.

Even then, I knew I would never be free.

Even when I had trust, I knew it was fleeting.

Even then I knew they were liars all.

Even when I believed in something greater, I knew it would fail me.

Even then, I had already been let down.

Even when I traveled the world, I sought shelter.

Even then I knew I wasn’t safe.

Even when I believed in love, I knew I could never have it.

Even then, I knew I wasn’t ______ enough.

Even when I loved with lionhearted worship, I felt the shadow of an impending rebuff.

Even then. Even with you.

Even when I seemed strong, my insides were splintered.

Even then, I had already tried to glue myself back together.

Even when it was wrong, it felt right.

Even then.

You felt right.