How to Say Goodbye in One Hot Minute

As you move forward in your life, don’t forget to occasionally look back. The people that you think have your back may not, and the people that you’ve stabbed in the back may have had it all along. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. One lesson that I’ve learned from you is that once your friend stops talking to you, they usually start talking about you. I’ve also learned that sometimes those you care for the most, are the people you can trust the least.

True friends can’t ever be lost, but someone who has been masquerading as a friend certainly can be. Time will tell what category we fall into. That will be up to you to figure out. There will be moments when things in your life are at their worst, and you will need support and guidance that goes beyond the casual banter and bullshit that most friends will be willing to provide. It takes a long time to learn one of life’s hardest lessons: many people are only nice for their own convenience.

So take the odd glance in the rearview mirror. If the smoke ever clears, you may see some people that you left behind. They may have been there all along even if they are slightly turned away. One of them may look a lot like me. Then you’ll know. So goodbye for now. Good luck with your career, your life and your journey.