Public Service Announcement For Women Who Date Men

We women, as a group, can be pretty dumb when it comes to men. We pine over the unworthy and we reject the diamonds in the rough. Whether it's self-esteem issues, boundary issues, or reverse entitlement issues, or something else that I don't even know the name for, we do it. Choosing not to do it is all about your perspective. I've created this PSA meme as a reminder for us to just stop it! I've used the term girl simply because it was the less derogatory of the alternatives skank I could have come up with to call the other women in our ex lover's lives.

1.Print it out.
2.Post it on your fridge.

Remember that moving on with someone more worthy of your time, will be the sweetest revenge. Love can't be bought back or taken. It can only be earned. Things will work out. Maybe not the way you'd hoped but what you hope for is not always best (see above: we can be pretty dumb). Have a seriously great day!